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    A Right and Proper Episode 1

    Our 2nd week in, and things are looking up. For those of you who listened to the debut "blooper edition" episode 1, it is now classified as "Episode 0"... With a properly recorded version containing chapters one and two... And new snazy intro/outro music, courtesy of Anne Garner (

    Things are looking up, and you can look forward to a new episode hitting the web every Wednesday until the novel is finished.

    Check out the new Episdoe 1 here , bookmark the direct Libsyn page , or go to iTunes and subscribe from the store (search for K. Gainor to find the podcast, direct link coming soon.)

    Until next week, stay safe folks, and thank you for joining the Corps.

    - K.


    ... The road gets longer...

    So, to sum up what has happened... A "version" of Episode 1 has officially been put up for consumption...

    ... A wretched trainwreck of a recording.

    It seems in my wreckless rush to get this episode up... I used the wrong version of the story audio, and didn't notice until after it was published.

    This version was a test run of Chapter 1, roughly recorded, with a whole slew of errors, with zero editing.

    I work until Midnight tonight, and won't be home until close to 1 AM to fix it... But I really wanted to get it up on October 5th, because that is a special day for me.

    Question is: Do I even bother to announce the "Episode 0 - Blooper edition" to y'all? Do you want to hear this repugnant excuse for a debut episode?

    This IS NOT the quality you can expect this podcast to contain... This is a horrible... I repeat... HORRIBLE copy...

    ... But the sheer amature nature of it all is a little funny... And certainly cringe-inducing.

    Yea or Nay folks? It's up to you.

    - K.


    The new Banner of Joy...

    As you may have seen, Scott E. Pond is on my "Allies and Idols" page... And as you can see from the sexy new banner, it is with good reason.

    Go check him out @ and on Twitter , and tell him what an awesome job he did!

    Till the next time,

    - K.


    1 novel this year??? Please... I can do better........?

    Long story short, I signed up for NaNoWriMo this coming November...

    I have an idea in mind... Although, trying to get it all on the page in 30 days.... This could get messy.

    If anyone else is signed up this year, search me out (K. Gainor in the Anderson/Clemson South Carolina region)... I could use all the writting buddies I can get!

    Talk to you soon...

    - K


    The first hammer blow...

    In the near future, this blog will host any and all announcements regarding novels, podcasts, and anything else of relevence.

    For now... It's just here, as a remnider.

    I look forward to having more to post very soon.

    - K.

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