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    New Beginnings, and Old Excuses...

    It has been 3 & 1/2 years since the last episode of Zach & Gillian went live.

    No, that was not the end of the story... It was simply where I fell off. I gave up, and abandoned my writing endeavors. For the astute and vigilant, it was noticed that the website and podcast hosting did not vanish, but rather, lay barren.

    I am back to right that wrong.

    For starters, we've gone back to basics. Paladin Corps has finally been made into an eBook, and is live on Amazon as I type this. You can find it here

    Second, the amazing Tee Morris at One Stop Writer Shop has set me up with a marketting/blogging schedule that should bring a great deal more content to here, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

    Thirdly, Zach & Gillian is back on the front burner, with the first draft scheduled to be finished by the end of August.

    I have asked too many times for those who cheer me on to be patient, and I hate to do it again.

    ... So I won't. I'll just get back to pumping out content, and hope I bring you all back.

    See you soon,


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