Focus. Commitment. Discipline. (AKA: Things I lack.)
Monday, August 22, 2016 at 11:18 AM
K. Gainor

My biggest fears in life, in no particular order, are:

- Dying alone.

- Drowning.

- Failing to make this writing thing work, and being forever stuck in a job I despise and dread.

- Bees/Wasps/Other stingy flying bugs of death.

Now, my sweet Angel Kathy has seemingly erased the chances of one of these outcomes, and well thought-out plans when visiting water-based locations have so-far made another potential situation unlikely. Odds are in my favor I will not drown in utter solitude, unless it is in a pool filled with beer (and probably some tears.)

But bees... Those bastards are unavoidable. No matter how careful I am, I will never be able to completely avoid these flying hell-spawn. They are far to numerous, and I just can't stop my life and lock myself in a bee-proof room for the rest of my days.

I simply have to stay vigilant, and be prepared to act/run like a frightened gazelle when I encounter them. My family has a history of severe allergic reactions to a sting, and I (having never been stung) don't know how serious my reaction would be. I could be completely fine, or go into a life threatening fit. I just don't know. So I must be cautious at all times, and never let my guard down.

What is my point?

My point is: Why can't I apply this level of vigilant attention to my writing career? Why do I let the crippling fear of failure, and the daunting vision of the struggles ahead freeze me in place here, when I have learned to manage my life when it comes to dagger-assed insects from the seventh circle of darkness?

Discipline. Determination. Focus. I often lack these qualities in life, especially with writing. I have such a hard time sitting down and just, as Chuck Wendig says, “Shut Up And Write.”

And that is the issue at hand.

While I don't have advice for anyone on how to overcome this battle, I do have one bit of encouragement:

Putting it off now damned near guarantees future failure.

I could, no, SHOULD, have had “Zach & Gillian” finished at least 3 years ago. I should have had “Viral,” “Paladin Corps: Book 2,” and maybe even “Zach & Gillian – Volume 2” finished by now. Now, I'm struggling to make things work with just one title to offer, rather than 5. And it sucks.

So all I offer, all I ask, id that you don't put your dreams off any longer. That you don't drag your feet putting the building blocks together for you future success. As hard as it is now, it only gets harder the longer you wait.

So get your ass in gear, do the thing. Because you might not always have the chance to.


- K.

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