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    A Little About Me

    In 2010, the dust had finally begun to settle from the myriad of changes life had brought in the past year:

    - Economic issues had resulted in a rather haphazard move from the state of Michigan, where I had lived my entire life, and where all of my family resides, to South Carolina, a state where I only knew two people, and would become their "third wheel" of a room mate.

    - The job I had enjoyed, and sadly, lost, back in my home state, had been replaced by one I could get my hands on, for what it was worth.

    - My sporadic blog posts on a now mostly-retired blogger site, as well as my short-lived popularity on , had been replaced by sporadic tweeting, and little else.

    It was at this point two major events began to reshape me, igniting long dormant passions I had known in my youth:

    - I began reading again, tackling the lengthy tomes of Frank Herbert's Dune series.

    - I was introduced to the works of Scott Sigler , and rapidly joined the ranks of the "Junkies."

    I'd had limited experience with podcasts, only subscribing to one or two, and of course, the short lived attempt my friend Steve and I crafted back in 2006 (Half Past Beer 30)... And Podcast fiction was a new concept to me.

    It didn't take long before I branched out to find other authors who were bold enough to "take their show on the road" and put their brilliantly crafted works on the internet for the masses. The incredible stories I heard from J. C. Hutchins , Mur Lafferty and Paul E. Cooley lit a fire inside that I hadn't felt in a long, long time.

    I'd always loved to write back in my school days. In fact, I earned the award for being the best English student in my graduating class (Having taken every possible class the school offered, and having every instructor in the English department at some point can do that for you.)

    And yet, other than a witty caption contest entry here and there, or a tiny blog post that no one would ever see, I had never really tried my hand at writing anything of length, or doing anything with a piece I had written.

    So, in December 2010, I set out to write the first what I hope will be several novels. As the process has continued, the thought of following in the footsteps of my idols, and podcasting my work, has felt more and more like the right path.

    Success and fame, money and glory, or abstract failure and obscurity: I'm honestly not concerned with where this journey takes me. I simply set out to do it, and for me, that is enough... At least, for now.

    Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy my stories, and I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.

    - K