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    Coming Soon...

    A massive relaunch of my fiction, and a new page for freelance work.


    Putting Value On The Site...

    For the moment, there are no (or few) big writing posts coming...

    But this blog needs to have updates. And I want them to be meaningful in some way.

    So... Question for the HiveMind:

    What would YOU like to see here?

    Paul E. Cooley style essays?

    Short-form poetry/Free-Form ramblings?

    Sometimes bland status updates?

    Top voted option rules. Fire away.



    Just a test... For now...

    I am testing the Squarespace app to see how fuctional it can be... If so... GAME THE #%&@ ON! ;-)


    Zack & Gillian - Volume 1 is live!!!


    .... I see the blog is a tad behind....

    Good evening everyone... How have you all been? Have you missed me? Have I become one more relic placed in the attic of your mind?

    ... Did my linking of my Facebook to Twitter work? :-P

    Sorry for being rather quiet as of late. Lot's going on, not all as Hunky/Dorey as one might like... But meh, i'm alive, and smiling.

    I hope to have something on the feed ( in the very near future, to keep you all abreast of what's going on with "Zack & Gillian".

    ... I promise... I have not podfaded!!! :-P